Francesca Maggioni - Bergamo Italy Francesca Maggioni - Bergamo Italy Francesca Maggioni - Bergamo Italy



pdf symbol Modeling filament kinematics for proteic coding and viral spooling, selected as one of the three best posters for an oral presentation during the Conference on Knots and other Entanglements in Biopolymers: Topological and Geometrical Aspects of DNA, RNA and Protein Structures", Trieste, (Sept. 15..20 2008) (I).

pdf symbol Optimal kinematics of supercoiled filaments, Poster presented in the ESF-EMS-CRM-Pi International Conference on Knots and Links: From Form to Function", Centro di Ricerca Matematica Ennio De Giorgi, Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa (I), July 2011.

pdf symbol Optimal kinematics of supercoiled filaments Interactive Poster Session, INFORMS 2011 Conference, Charlotte, (NC) USA (Second Place Winner: Interactive Poster Session).

pdf symbol Modeling chromatin bre folding for human embryonic stem cells and cancer cells, Topological Aspects of DNA Function and Protein Folding, INI Cambridge (UK). and Interactive Poster Session, INFORMS 2012 Conference, Phoenix, (AZ), USA (Semifinalist: Interactive Poster Session)


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Francesca Maggioni - Bergamo Italy